7 Stunning Places In Iceland You Must Visit Now

7 Stunning Places In Iceland You Must Visit Now || Iceland attraction

7 Stunning Places In Iceland You Must Visit Now

Time to protect your self from the Sun Stroke! So due to this don’t wast time by spending in AC between four walls which surely reduce your health. You might get a doubt ‘What I have do then’? My suggestion is simply explore the world and enjoy the nature climate. Are you ready for it? Yes, Then plan your summer trip to Iceland. It is one of the most beautiful and rugged place which pleasing you to spend and do more that you expected. This island located in the North Atlantic Ocean, between Europe and North America. It is home to a  rock formation which drags the attention of tourist. The newly formed rocks creates an amazing waterfall as well as this place active with volcanoes. However, it is necessary to take precaution while travelling in Iceland due to natural hazards caused by weather and nature, where conditions can change at a moments notice.

Things To Do In Iceland || Iceland tourist attractions: 

Are you interested in adventures? Then, Iceland is the perfect place for outdoor adventures, all year around. Go through this article to find the never experienced places in Iceland and make sure to experience it for this summer. 

Hiking In Iceland: 

Iceland is the hiker’s paradise. More than half of the country lies above 400 meters (1300 feet) and the landscape is extraordinarily diverse, with large areas covered with colorful mountains, lava fields, glaciers, hot springs, lakes, and black sands. The rugged nature has been shaped by the elements to form a majestic scenery unlike any other place in the world.


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Running In Iceland:

Beautiful scenery, great running paths and a climate that’s perfect for running with plenty of clean and fresh air! There is everything to like about running in Iceland. In the capital region the best and most scenic running paths can be found by the coastline, just a few meters from the ocean and away from the streets. Wherever you are staying just step outside and you are minutes away from the most amazing running paths.

Whale Watching In Iceland: 

Iceland is the perfect location for whale watching. The cold waters off the coast play host to a diverse marine life. During the summer months in particular, the shores become a veritable feeding ground for multiple species of large marine mammals, giving visitors a chance to observe these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

The most prolific time for whale watching in Iceland is during the summer months, from April through September, when over 20 species of Cetacea—including the Orca, Minke, Humpback, and Blue Whale—can be seen in the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans on either side of the island.

Cycling In Iceland: 

Travelling around Iceland on two wheels is both challenging and rewarding. There is no better way to experience the beauty of Iceland than from the saddle of your bicycle. But the weather is unpredictable and the distances you’ll need to cover can be long. Many bike enthusiasts come to Iceland to cycle the Ring Road, the well-known highway number 1, that runs around the country. Others choose more difficult paths into the highlands, such as the beautiful trail across Kjölur. Such paths are only suitable for experienced cyclists.

Helicopter Tours In Iceland: 

Iceland’s diverse landscape is at its most breathtaking when viewed from above, which makes aerial sightseeing tours by plane or helicopter an awe inspiring experiences. Many of Iceland’s most beautiful locations are in remote areas, where the rugged terrain can be difficult to traverse. Flying allows you to reach hard-to-access places with limited effort, and gives you an opportunity to experience nature from a new perspective.

And if you are in to skiing, there are pristine areas ripe for Heli skiing in many areas. Take your skiing to new heights by reaching untouched slopes via helicopter. This unforgettable experience is an epic adventure, combining powder skiing with an exhilarating air journey and incredible views.

Motorized Adventure In Iceland: 

The diverse terrain of Iceland, ranging from towering mountains and glaciers to  beaches and rivers offers a variety of engine-based activities. With ATVs, snowmobiles, buggy cars, 4×4 jeeps and snow-cats to choose from, one can surely get the adrenaline pumping in an amazing setting in Iceland.


All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are a great way to explore the black sand beaches of the South coast or the mountains and valleys of the highlands. On top of the glaciers, you can zoom across the snow on snowmobiles, crawl up mountains by snow-cat or join super jeeps tours. Each glacier is unique and offers spectacular views and thrills, some even have ice caves which are worth exploring.



The adventure doesn’t end on land, as there are river jet tours operating on Hvítá’s river rapids, speedboat tours are available off the coast in areas such as Þorlákshöfn and Vestmannaeyjar and at Jökulsárlon ice lagoon where you can also sail amongst the glaciers on an amphibian or zodiac boat.

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