Top Most Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

Top Most Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

Top Most Honeymoon Destinations Outside India


August is one of the exciting months for couples who tying a knot. A couple whose marriage is solemnized during this month will pay heed to each other’s needs and desires, they can build a really strong relationship. Following the Shaadi newly spouse search for amazing honeymoon places in the world for a super romantic retreat with their life partners. This is the season welcomed the couple with spectacular nature and make them to hold the best memories in their life. Here I am providing top honeymoon destination in World.

A tropical heaven, Bali is the flawless destination to spend more time with your spouse. You can experience the Bali’s lovely environment which makes you more Romantic while walk hand-in-hand or cycle together through the towns on streets covered by greenery. Every couple should visit these places like Peninsular Uluwatu, Canggu, South Bali, Crystal Bay on Penida Island, Ayana Resort and Spa, Jimbaran, Pura Besakih Temple which gives a unique experience.

Romantic Things to Do:

Trek up Mount Batur to catch the amazing sunrise, and have a romantic breakfast on top of an active volcano. Spend a night watching the terrific Balinese Kecak and Fire Dance at the Uluwatu Temple. Take a deep dip into in Menjangan to kick up the chemistry and enjoy the privacy and beauty of this place.

When To Visit Bali:
Best time to come to Bali in April, May, June, and September, just before and just after high season.

Top Most Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

Outlandish Greece:

Greece is one of the most exciting honeymoon destinations to celebrate the start of a new life together. The land is blessed with a rich culture and tradition spanning back hundreds and thousands of years. This is the place undoubtedly makes you to hold the amazing memories during visiting the places like olive gardens, golden sand, relax on the sunbeds under an umbrella, saturated with the lovely Mediterranean weather year-round, wonderful beaches and curving hills. Here every place gives positive vibration filled with Romance.

Romantic Things to Do:
Swimming At The Red Beach In Santorini.
Take a yacht cruise on the Mediterranean and get swayed away by the stunning sunsets.
A Romantic Stay In A Cave Hotel.

When to Visit Greece: The best time to visit Greece is between mid-April to mid-June & September to mid-October.


Surprising Turkey:

Turkey an unforgettable destination for a newly married couple. It is a perfect place for its nightlife, wonderful resorts, scenic beauties. Here you can see folk and belly dance anywhere in Turkey. And one of the most interesting and exciting things is Cappadocia the hot air ballon Tour. The truly magnificent Duden waterfalls are definitely one of the most popular tourist places. If you are a photographer, there shall be many chances of clicking Wonderful pictures. 

Romantic Things to do:

When you in Turkey, you have to take your love for a hot air balloon ride. Moreover, indulge in a couple spa across exotic destinations, must catch the sunset on the Galata Bridge.

Stay in a Cave Hotel in the large rocky formations of Goreme.

Hike up the three stunning valleys of Love, Rose, and Pigeon.

When to Visit Turkey:

June to September is an ideal time to visit Turkey.

Top Most Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

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Mauritius And Reunion Island:

Mauritius and Reunion Island is famed for its beaches, blue water, mountain, and Volcano. In Reunion Island, you will some of the mightiest of marine mammals including sperm, fin and humpback whales. These two are amazing scenery which surprises you with its extraordinary adventures.

Romantic Thing To Do:

Couples can go dolphin and whale viewing, go for a date on a private island, cruise around on sailboat, paraglide while you feel vibes of a pair free flight, procure a submerged sub scooter or chill in a couple’s spa and Jacuzzi. For a gutsy wedding trip, trek up to the holes of the dynamic fountain of liquid magma at Reunion Islands.

When to Visit Mauritius And Reunion Island:

Visit Mauritius and Reunion Island from April to June and September to December.

Mauritius And Reunion Island:


Lapland, Finland:

Lapland offers an unusual honeymoon to visit anytime. You and your life partner very excited to see the artificial show of nature then it is the perfect place. This place contains wonderful light show through a range of specially-built spaces like glass igloos or luxury suites, sound like your cup of Tea. Among the most prevalent goals of this winter wonderland where 24-hour daylight in the late spring replaces the dull winter days, is the Santa Claus Village where you can have a date with the stout saint of Christmas each day of the year.

Romantic Things To Do:
Lapland’s main town, Rovaniemi is officially the hometown of Santa Claus.

Around six kilometers along a cross-country trail from the Levi ski resort is this “cool” attraction containing structures carved completely from ice.

When To Visit Finland: 

The best time to visit Finland from December to March.

Lapland, Finland:

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