What does private reserve mean

What is a Private Reserve?

The term Private Reserve is held for the highest tier of cured cannabis flowers available from a dispensary or delivery service. … Cultivators set aside small batches of cannabis flower for these higher qualities, such as vibrant color, pungent aroma, and unique bud structure, and give them a premium price.

What is private reserve wine?

Reserve wine is wine of a higher quality than usual, or a wine that has been aged before being sold, or both. Traditionally, winemakers would reserve some of their best wine rather than sell it immediately, coining the term.

What is PR OG?

Private Reserve, also known as OG #18 or PR, is a perfectly blended hybrid by Sote’s Choice that has wide appeal due to its array of effects.

Are reserve wines better?

Today, the implication of a reserve wine is that it’s a higher quality wine that has been aged longer. In fact, you’ll find most wineries who use the term really do put their best product into their reserve wines. … Today, the implication of a reserve wine is that it’s a higher quality wine that has been aged longer.

What does reserve mean?

As a noun, reserve refers to the quality of a shy or modest person who doesn’t easily express his or her feelings. As a verb, to reserve is to stash something away or to set it aside for future use. Reserve can also refer to backup supplies or resources.

What is top shelf bud?

Top-shelf flower tends to be some combination of green and purple. Even for marijuana that’s grown outdoors, which makes it prone to tanning, you still want to see some flairs of green and overall brightness. When the weed on the shelf is brown, red, or yellow, that’s not a great sign, Montrose said.

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How many types of OG Kush are there?

124 OG Kush StrainsName of the strainbreederOG Kush420 Genetics52OG KushAbraxas Seeds60OG KushAficionado Seed Bank60OG KushApothecary Genetics67

What strain is Dosidos?

An obvious child of the Girl Scout Cookies strain, Do-Si-Dos is a cross between the popular hybrid and Face Off OG, an indica-heavy OG Kush phenotype.

What does Riserva mean in Italian wine?

Riserva is a term you see on Italian wine labels to designate the ‘better’ wines. We see the term most often on Tuscan (Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile de Montepulciano) and Piedmont (Barolo and Barbaresco) wines.

Is Malbec good wine?

Known for its plump, dark fruit flavors and smoky finish, Malbec wine offers a great alternative to higher priced Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. However, there’s more to Malbec than just value.

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