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Which of the following data elements are used to determine a Marines composite score?

Composite scores use a combination of time in service, time in grade, rifle score, physical and combat fitness test scores and average in grade proficiency and conduct scores to assign each Marine an individual score.

What are occasions when proficiency and conduct marks are to be recorded?

At a minimum, proficiency and conduct marks are required to be recorded during the semi-annual evaluation periods ending 31 January and 31 July. The minimum observation criteria require that a Marine perform the same duties in excess of 30 days before new marks are recorded.

What are the objectives of the Marine Corps promotion system?

To maintain the actual strength in each grade and MOS (Military Occupational SpeciaIties) or OccFld (Occupational Fields ) at the maximum readiness for commitment to combat. b. To ensure that all eligible Marines receive full and equitable opportunity to compete for promotion.

Which of the following are characteristics of social media?

To be characterised as Social Media, a website should have the following seven key characteristics:

  • Web space. The website should provide the users free web space to upload content.
  • Web address. …
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  • Posts have time stamp.

What is the whole marine concept?


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What are the types of promotions in the Marine Corps?

What are the types of promotions USMC?

  • USMC and.
  • USMCR.
  • Promotion to…
  • Regular Promotion.
  • Meritorious Promotion.
  • TIG.
  • TIS.

What is a basic form of social media?

Basic Forms of Social Media. Social Networks, Blogs/Online Journals, Micro-Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, Forums, Content Communities. [Interact with Social Media]

What is the primary purpose of the oath of enlistment?

In the Oath, all new Marine recruits promise to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, adhere to disciplinary standards and accept orders from superiors, and vow to face the Uniform Code of Military Justice should any disputes arise.

When recommending proficiency marks which attributes should be considered?

In addition to mission accomplishment, which three attributes should be considered when recommending proficiency marks? Intellect and wisdom, individual character and personal appearance.

How often do Marines get promoted?

Marine Corps Promotion Criteria

The promotions to E-4 and above in the Marine Corps are competitive. That means there are only so many “vacancies” in each grade (above E-3) in each MOS (job). For E-6 through E-9 promotions, the Commandant of the Marine Corps convenes a promotion board once per year.

What goes into a cutting score USMC?

A cutting score is a number set by the Marine Corps which acts as a threshold for promotion to Cpl and Sgt. Your composite score is a combination of your PFT, rifle score, proficiency/conduct marks, and education points (and maybe some other stuff).

How do Marines get promoted to PFC?

Marines who have served 6 months active duty as a Private are eligible for promotion to Private First Class (PFC), as long as their service is deemed satisfactory by the Commander. Time spent in boot camp does count towards the required 6 months. The same requirement exists for reservists as well.

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What are the 3 key characteristics of social media?

Applicable to any brand or industry, these are the characteristics of effective social media content.

  • Entertaining. First things first, content needs to catch a user’s attention. …
  • Aspirational. It’s important to differentiate between Inspirational and Aspirational. …
  • Actionable. …
  • Joinable.

What are some key characteristics of social media and online marketing?

Social Media Marketing and Its Characteristics (updated 2018)

  • Participation. Social media encourages contributions and feedback from everyone. …
  • Openness. Social media success requires honesty, transparency and authenticity. …
  • Build relationships. Social media is a two-way communication channel. …
  • Reliability. …
  • Build communities. …
  • Customer service. …
  • Avoid spamming.

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