How to become an army reserve officer

Can you be an officer in the Army Reserves?

The Army reserve wants high school graduates but may accept candidates with a GED. You must also pass an aptitude test and a physical fitness exam. To qualify as an Army Reserve officer, you have to meet added requirements, depending on whether you attend Officer Candidate School (OCS) or receive a direct commission.

How long does it take to become an Army Reserve?

In most cases, it takes between two and seven weeks. You can do your IET in one block or break it up into several modules, but you must complete it within 18 months. Once you finish, you’ll be a fully qualified soldier in your corps in the Army Reserve.

How do I become an Army Reserve in the Philippines?

An interested applicant, an undergraduate or an out of school youth, must undergo a Special Basic Citizen Military Training (SBCMT) course at any community defense center (CDC) for 15 consecutive Sundays to become a reservist.

How much do you get paid as an Army Reserve UK?

As a Reservist officer , you’ll be paid a daily rate: Second Lieutenant: £83.95 per day. Lieutenant: £86.90 per day. Captain: £107.58 per day.

What is the best job in the Army Reserves?

10 Best Army Jobs 2020

  • #10: Army Nurse (MOS 68C)
  • #9: Air Traffic Control Operator (MOS 15Q)
  • #8: Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic (MOS 91B)
  • #7: Infantry (MOS 11B)
  • #6: Technical Engineer (MOS 12T)
  • #5: Counterintelligence Agent (MOS 35L)
  • #4: Criminal Investigations Special Agent (MOS 31D)

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What is the oldest age to join the Army Reserves?


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Can you quit the army reserves?

Unlike other jobs you may quit at will, the Army Reserves mandates that only unusual and sometimes extreme conditions can justify leaving prior to the end of your enlistment term.

How many hours do Army Reserves work?

12 hours duty day with 24 hour days when training and deployed. One weekend a month and Two to three weeks out of the summer. I normally work anywhere between 10-15 hours a day!

Should I join the Army Reserves?

If you’re leaving active duty service with less than 20 years of service, you should consider joining the reserves. The years you’ve already earned will carry over and serve as the foundation of your new reserve retirement.

What is Army Reserve in the US Army?

The U.S. Army Reserve is for those that want to make a difference performing critical Army jobs while serving part time, close to home, while gaining an edge in their civilian careers. , you can continue your career or education while training close to home and standing ready to serve with your valuable job skills.

How can I join army?

What are the qualifications to join the Army?

  1. You must be a U.S. citizen or a resident alien.
  2. Be between the ages of 17-34. …
  3. Have a high school diploma.
  4. Have no more than two dependents.
  5. Take and pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test.
  6. Pass a Military Entrance Processing Station medical exam.

What is a reservist in the Army?

A reservist is a person who is a member of a military reserve force. They are otherwise civilians, and in peacetime have careers outside the military. Reservists usually go for training on an annual basis to refresh their skills.

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Do Army Reserves get deployed UK?

Most Army Reservists will have to accept a liability for up to 6 months deployed service, plus pre-deployment training in a 5-year period, dependent on operational demand.

Do Army Reserves get signing bonus?

Army Reserve recruits may qualify for a $20,000 Enlistment Bonus if your enlistment contract is at least six years with an additional two years in Inactive Reserve (IRR). … While in the IRR you do not attend drills or get military pay, but you may be deployed while serving.

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