How to reserve seats at studio movie grill with groupon

Can you buy tickets at Studio Movie Grill?

You can purchase tickets in advance on our web site directly from the home screen in the “Quick Ticket” section (located directly below the picture banner), the movies tab, or the location tab.

Does Studio Movie Grill have reclining seats?

All of our locations feature custom luxury recliners and rockers, laser projection, and Q-SYS sound systems, combined with an American Grill menu, full-service bar, and in theater dining.

Does Studio Movie Grill have student discounts?

Yes, Studio Movie Grill does offer student discounts. … You can also view all 1,700 stores that offer student discounts across all categories.

Do Studio Movie Grill gift cards expire?

There is no expiration date on your eGift Card or Plastic Gift Card.

How much does it cost to go to Studio Movie Grill?

Studio Movie Grill PricesAGETICKET PRICEChildren (ages 2-12)$7.00 – $7.50Adults Peak Evening$10.00 – $11.00Adults Non-Peak Evening$9.00 – $10.75Before Noon$6.00 – $6.50

Is Studio Movie Grill open on Christmas?

Yes, they are open on both thanksgiving and Christmas.

How long are Studio Movie Grill previews?

18 minutes

Does Studio Movie Grill accept Apple Pay?

No, Studio Movie Grill does not accept Apple Pay.

How do I check the balance on my Studio Movie Grill gift card?

For balance inquiries, call 888-892-3813.

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