What does reserve

How do you use reserve in a sentence?

Reserve sentence examples

  1. Despite his reserve, he could tell Dusty liked her. …
  2. Our reserve units were able to join up, and the fight was at an end. …
  3. Mrs. …
  4. More reserve is being shown towards the other or ” nature” miracles. …
  5. The readiness with which it is converted into sugar fits it especially to be a reserve or stored material.

Is reserve an adjective?

Reserve means relating to being stored. An example of reserve used as an adjective is a reserve fund which means money being held for future use. The definition of a reserve is something kept or stored if needed. … Reserve is defined as to save or secure, particularly for future use.

What is reserved something?

transitive to keep something for a particular person, purpose, or situation. reserve something for someone/something: This section of the car park is reserved for visitors.

What do you mean by reserve in geography?

A resource is that amount of a geologic commodity that exists in both discovered and undiscovered deposits—by definition, then, a “best guess.” Reserves are that subgroup of a resource that have been discovered, have a known size, and can be extracted at a profit.

What is another word for reserve?

What is another word for reserve?storecachestocksupplystockpilehoardreservoirdepositfundpool

What does it mean to reserve a right?

a phrase used to tell someone that you have the right to do something specific, and that you will use that right if you feel it is necessary. “We reserve the right to enforce any and/or all legal remedies to us.”

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Why would a company establish a reserve?

A reserve is profits that have been appropriated for a particular purpose. Reserves are sometimes set up to purchase fixed assets, pay an expected legal settlement, pay bonuses, pay off debt, pay for repairs and maintenance, and so forth. The board of directors is authorized to create a reserve. …

Is reserved a good thing?

They find it easy to stay in control of how they feel, which means they’re normally very good at maintaining a steady, stable mood. Rather than the highs and lows of people who are outgoing and full of energy, reserved people can keep things nice and level.

Is being reserved a bad thing?

Originally Answered: Is being shy and reserved a bad thing? Yes, it is very bad. In the sense that it will never be usefull to be shy, it will never help you in any way and will never permit you to fullfill your dreams.

Who is a reserved person?

The definition of reserved is saved for someone or some purpose, or is a person who doesn’t share his feelings, thoughts or emotions. … A person who doesn’t share his emotions is an example of someone who would be described as reserved.

What does Reserve Bank mean?

: a central bank holding reserves of other banks.

What are reserves used for?

Reserves are often used to purchase fixed assets; to repay debts; or to fund expansions, bonuses, and dividend repayments. Although the IFRS Standards sometimes call provisions a ‘reserve’, they are not the same thing – a provision is an upcoming liability without a confirmed date or cost.

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What is difference between reserve and reserve fund?

Thus the amount of reserve which is not invested outside the business is only reserve, while reserve invested outside the business in some quickly saleable assets is called reserve fund. …

What does reserve price mean?

A reserve price is a minimum price a seller is willing to accept from a buyer. In an auction, the seller is not required to disclose the reserve price to potential buyers. If the reserve price is not met, the seller is not required to sell the item, even to the highest bidder.

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