Who is eligible for tricare reserve select

Are Reservists eligible for Tricare?

Tricare For Retired Reservists or Guard Members

Tricare Retired Reserve – Retired Reserve Component members and their family members are eligible for the Tricare Retired Reserve plan until they reach age 60.

When can I sign up for Tricare Reserve Select?

Effective Dates. New enrollment: Enrollment is effective the date of the request (up to 90 days in the future). Continuous coverage: You have 90 days following the end of previous TRICARE coverage (as a sponsor) to request continuous coverage.

What does Tricare Reserve Select Cover?

TRS is considered minimum essentail coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Tricare Reserve Select, like other Tricare programs you have to pay a monthly premium to receive insurance coverage. TRS only covers health and vision benefits, not dental or pharmacy benefits.

Does Tricare Reserve Select require authorization?

Referrals aren’t required. However, some services require pre-authorization. Go to your regional contractor’s website for information about pre-authorization requirements. When you visit a TRICARE network provider, you’ll pay lower cost-shares and your provider will file claims for you.

How much is Tricare Reserve Select per month?

2020 TRICARE Reserve Select CostsEnrollment Fees$44.17/individual, $228.27/family (monthly)Annual DeductiblesE-4 and Below: $52/individual, $104/family E-5 and Above: $156/individual, $313/familyCatastrophic Cap$1,044 per calendar year

How much is Tricare retired reservists?

Benefit Fact SheetType of Coverage2020Member Only$444.37 per monthMember and Family$1066.26 per month

Is Tricare Reserve Select an HMO or PPO?

TRICARE Reserve Select and TRICARE Retired Reserve are premium-based health care plans available to eligible National Guard and Reserve members and their families. They operate similarly to TRICARE Select, which operates like a commercial preferred provider organization (PPO) health plan.

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Is Tricare select good insurance?

TRICARE Select can be great if you live on or near a base but don’t want to use the local military medical facilities, or someone in your family has special needs. … You will pay an annual deductible on TRICARE Select, however, the rates are still very affordable compared to civilian insurance options.

How do I sign up for Tricare Select Reserve?


  1. Step 1: Enroll in TRICARE Select. Enroll all family members on one enrollment form. Send enrollment fees (if applicable) with your enrollment form. …
  2. Step 2: Get Started with TRICARE Select. You’ll be notified by your regional contractor when your enrollment is processed.

Does Tricare Reserve Select have a deductible?

Note: When enrolled in TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS), TRICARE Retired Reserve (TRR), TRICARE Young Adult (TYA), or the Continued Health Care Benefit Program (CHCBP), Group A beneficiaries follow Group B deductibles and applicable copayments or cost-shares. … There is no annual deductible.

Does Tricare Reserve Select cover emergency room visits?

TRICARE covers emergency care to include professional and institutional charges and services and supplies that are ordered or administered in an emergency department.

Does Tricare Reserve Select cover prescriptions?

TRICARE covers most prescription drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Prescription drugs may be available as part of the pharmacy or medical benefit. For a drug to be covered by the TRICARE pharmacy benefit, it must: … Not be part of a procedure covered under the medical benefit.

How do I use Tricare Reserve Select?

Using TRICARE Reserve Select

  1. Step 1: Find a Doctor. You can visit any TRICARE-authorized provider. …
  2. Step 2: Make an Appointment. Schedule an appointment with any provider. …
  3. Step 3: Pay for the Care. If you visit a network provider, you will only need to pay your cost share at the time of the appointment (after you meet your annual deductible)
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Is Tricare Reserve Select Primary or Secondary?

TRICARE supplements are not OHI. If you have OHI, it becomes your primary insurance and pays any claims before TRICARE does. … If you’re on active duty, then TRICARE is your only coverage. Learn more about how TRICARE works with OHI to make the most of your benefit.

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